The (1.5 Years) Holiday is, soon to be, Over

Last Thursday, 2/07/2009, was my last final exam. It was the hard and difficult one, Portfolio Theory and Management (M). When the Portfolio examination finished, it just struck on my mind that it was probably my last sitting exam I’ve ever had. Since I am not considering, and brave enough to dream, to continue my education further to PhD level, it was indeed probably my last sitting exam I’ll face.

On the broader picture, the last exam was also mark the end of my 1.5 years of holiday postgraduate education. Well, I have to admit, it was indeed a long, lazy, and nice holiday, except during the examination period and when an assignments was due.

To me, 1.5 years of life in Adelaide means that I’ve avoided the need to wake up early at dawn, the need to be a pathetic biker for a whole 2.5 hours per day just to penetrate the nasty traffic in Jakarta, the need to spend 9.5 hours in office without any idea what I’ve actually done, and finally come back at home when sun has already set, I’ve tired, sweaty, smoky, and just want to do nothing but sleep. In Adelaide, I could ‘extend’ my sleep time after fajr prayer; I could take care of my little daughter as long as I want; I could use the comfortable, cheap, and on time public bus to get to all of my routine destinations; freely borrowed books and DVDs; read as many books as I want, and other nice and comfortable things, compared to the life in Jakarta..errr, actually in Tangerang Selatan. So, 1.5 years of life IS a holiday, isn’t it?

So, today is my last 14 days in Adelaide, what should I do? Here it is…

Waiting for the grades
Currently, I haven’t graduated, yet. My grades usually appear on Access Adelaide on 14 July. Until then, I still in hope that I could pass all three subject I’ve taken this semester. Nothing to be afraid of though, I don’t think I am a member of good and smart students category, but I think, proudly, that I belong to the category of ‘good enough’ and ‘smart enough’ to pass the subject. Still, anything could happened, so hope and pray to God as always.

Sending (Athifa’s) books
In my record, so far I’ve finished reading 89 books in Adelaide, excluding the textbooks. Out of the 89 books, I’ve bought… none of them. Yes, I’ve borrowed all of the books. The availability of good and complete library (State Library and Barr Smith Library), internet connection combined with free, but pirated, books via Google have completely eliminated my need to buy any books.

Athifa is in a different situation. The availability of cheap and good children books have made Athifa has more than 50 books in her collection. With a total weight of more than 30 kgs, Athifa’s books couldn’t be fitted to airline baggage (which only give us 50 kgs allowance for three of us), I’ve decided to send Athifa’s books via Baggage Masters, in a coordinated group of Indonesian students. A little bit tricky since I’ve to list all of the books title and authors, and have the list signed by the honorary consulate of Indonesia in Adelaide, but that’s inevitable things to do. So, there you go, the staff at the honorary consulate signed and stamped the list of these books: Zoo Animal Squeak Toy Book: Elephants, Spin a Song Storybook: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Baby Boppers: Colours, Learn-Along with Pooh: Alphabet Day the Fun way to learn about the alphabet…

Reading Borrowed Books
I’ve managed to borrow so many books, either from Barr Smith Library or the Adelaide City Council library, with the holy intention to read them, all of them. Well, of course after I have finished this assignment, and after I’ve done my tutorial questions, and after I’ve read Portfolio textbook, and after… So many things have postponed me to read the books, and I’ve managed to renew the books from library before. But not this time, I can’t renew the books because I must come out from Adelaide, and, hence, no longer able to renew my borrowed books. Here is the picture of books I should finished before I leave Adelaide:


Watching Masterchef Australia
Never has been a reality show contest are so tasty and yummy, in appearance, than MasterChef. With no sms poll to decide the elimination, MasterChef is a nice television show to watch. Fortunately, I’ve managed to watch the final week before I leave Adelaide. Can’t wait to watch MasterChef Indonesia… (with gado-gado, rendang, siomay, bakso, and others….)

Having a Walk with Athifa
Plenty of leisure time, good pedestrian, clean and pollution-free air, and the sound of birds chirping all around the neighborhood are an extremely rare situation in Jakarta. Therefore, it’s best to maximize the opportunity to walk around here, for the last moments…

Tentang Maman Firmansyah

Seorang pegawai yang gak jelas kerjaannya, selain apa yang disuruh atasan. Suami dari seorang istri dan ayah dari dua orang anak.
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4 Balasan ke The (1.5 Years) Holiday is, soon to be, Over

  1. Mark Osborne berkata:

    Hi Maman, great post! I am from StudyAdelaide and we would love to post this via a link on our website

    Would this be ok?

    PR Manager

  2. Geoff Strempel berkata:

    Dear Maman
    I came across your blog – which provides some very interesting perspectives of your time in Adelaide. As a public librarian I was particularly interested in your comments on the use of the public library in providing you with free books & DVDs etc.

    I am glad that this service has been of use to you while you were here.

    All the best for your trip back home


    • Maman Firmansyah berkata:

      Dear Geoff,

      Indeed, the public library in Adelaide (State Library, Adelaide City Council Library, Barr Smith Library) are indeed among my best experience with my life here. I spent most of my time here with making use of the library. I wish my home country had the same facilities as you are here.


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